Hope Housing Statistics

In 2011/12 Hope Housing helped 151 people off the streets of Bradford.

Homeless Statistics

The average life expectancy of rough sleepers is 47 years compared to the national average of 77 years. (Figure from Crisis 2011)

Rough sleepers are 13 times more likely to experience crime and 47 times more likely to be a victim of theft than the general public. (Models and approaches to street outreach, Homeless Link, 2008)

Rough sleepers are 35 times more likely to kill themselves than the general population 4 time more likely to die from unnatural causes, such as accidents, assaults, murder, drug or alcohol poisoning. (Still dying for a home. Crisis, 1996)

More than 37,500 people in Bradford are living in “fuel poverty” (They spend more than 10% of their income on fuel e.g. gas and electric). That is tripple the level affected nine years ago. (Figures from The Department of Energy and Climate Change 2010)

There are over 750,000 properties that lie empty in Britian, just 1/3 of them would end homelessness for a generation.  (Figure from Green Pastures UK)