You can support Hope Housing in many different ways:

Giving money

Hope Housing relies on generous supporters to fund our work. Click here to download a form to be able to give one off donations or to give regularly to the work. You can also donate through Paypal and the link is on the top of each page.

Giving Items

Our clients benefit greatly from any of the following being donated:
Old mobile phones, socks, pants, toothbrushes, deodrant & pjyamas.

We are offered a lot of furniture but often struggle to transport it, if you are able to help deliver things then often we know people who can benefit from second hand furniture.


There are opportunities to volunteer through our hosting project or with church partnerships and supported tenancies. Please see Get Involved for more details.

Sponsored Event

We really value people organising sponsored events to raise money for our work. Get in touch if you want to run a sponsored for Hope Housing.











If you are able to support us in any way please do get in touch.